A short-and-sweet game for Short And Sweet Jam! It's about being bigender (or, what I wish being bigender was like at least.)

Sorry about the long image loads, I don't know what's up with that.


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I love it! I like the way the story unfolded.

Very short and sweet! I love it! ♡

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Gonna give it a shot.

I am sure the game would be amazing but

I can't seem to find a download link

Is it still in development?

It should be playable in browser. The graphics are simple,  it's just 3 colored boxes and an image which drags from box to box.. if that's not what you're seeing, please tell me what you are seeing and I can try to troubleshoot.

Thanks, I though it was supposed to be downloaded.

I just finished playing it,although it was short but it was really interesting.


this is the first time I play a game in the same page(not in a seperate URL) so that's way I was confused in the begening.

Thanks for the game ^^

Oh...this game is so adorable!

aww thx!